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Candle gift baskets are an ideal gift idea for many occasions. A lot of people love candles and can really be impressed by a lovely gift basket of candles. There are many kinds of candles you can get for the gift basket of candle. There are wedding candles, pillar candles, floating candles, dinner candles or even scented candles. This will mainly depend on what you think the recipient person would like. There are also gift baskets of candles for aromatherapy and meditation. Gift basket of scented candles can be a good idea of romantic gift for loved ones on occasions like valentine day, anniversaries or even birthdays.

The gift basket of candles can also be got for somebody who loves candles for no particular reason but just as a nice surprise. You can get someone a gift basket of floating and scented candles for the bath tabs, especially ladies; you can even combine this with other unique gifts for ladies. In addition, you can also compliment these gift baskets with other food gifts like cookies, wine, chocolate or even fruits.

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Candles can also be personalized with personal inscription or pictures of couples. It’s best to know the type of candles one likes before you get them an ideal gift basket because candles come in different types, colors and shapes. Some come in jars and some in re-usable boxes together with other candle accessories.

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